who we are

Carrie DeLozier

As an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, Carrie has spent much of her life involved in activities including tennis, running, pilates and yoga.

Her life changed however, when she was introduced to ballet barre workouts. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2007, she heard about an amazing core workout program at a barre studio in town. “It was my escape for an hour! I absolutely fell in love with it while I watched my body change.”

Over the next three years, Carrie became more and more involved in the barre technique. She loved meeting with and watching the women in her classes get so excited about the changes in their weight and figures. It was during this time that she realized she not only wanted to give herself the gift of a healthy life–she wanted to provide the same experience to other like-minded women as well.

In opening barre54, Carrie’s mission is to provide a core workout cultivating strength in body, mind and spirit for life. Each 54-minute session challenges every muscle in the body, clears the mind and focuses energy on technique and strength.

“As women, we get so caught up in the daily grind, that we often sacrifice ourselves for the sake of time. I established barre54 to give my clients a place where they can concentrate on their physical, mental and spiritual strength in every class. Nothing touches the changes that a barre workout brings to your body.”